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Emergency motion passed to discuss BAME issues – great action and work facilitated by the RCGP NEL Faculty

VTS – 11.12.19
Trainees did a self directed presentation on Men’s Health issues and afternoon with PSU team Supporting trainees returning to training, highly relevant topics for trainees.
Term overview and review with trainee feedback and reflection on the learning and topics over the term.

VTS – 27.11.19
Presentation by one of our trainees on Gynaecology conditions, menorrhagia and dysmenorrhoea and updated the group on the new NICE guidance.
Followed by a session with PD Osman on how to make the VTS greener – playing our part in reducing plastic waste and disposables on our VTS days. Also discussion about culture in the NHS perceived from the perspectives of the patients, GP trainees and GPs.
Afternoon session with the newly appointed RCGP Chair Professor Martin Marshall (Newham GP) and AiT chair Anthony James. Challenging discussions about the important issues facing our GP trainees coming in to the career and also where we see the profession going, workload issues and how the college and AiT body can engage with their GP trainees and GPs.

VTS – 13.11.19
Morning session with PD Shanaz – discussing new developments in type 2 diabetes care. What are the best outcomes we are trying to help our patients achieve and how do we talk to our patients about diet and lifestyle with motivational interviewing.
Afternoon reviewing trainees consultations doing video COTs – invaluable reflective small group learning session.

VTS – 30.10.19
Morning session with Dr Sanjay Parmar covering dermatological conditions – very useful session on a practical approach to identifying and diagnosing skin conditions.
Trainee presentation on abnormal LFTS and challenges of current local guidelines in practice. Importance of requesting tests appropriately and managing clinical uncertainty.
PCNs – interactive discussion with our PD Lak – learning about the future of collaborative working among practice groups.

RCGP Annual Conference 2019 – Liverpool 24.10.19 – 26.10.19
Here are the video links to some talks that really give food for thought.

Professor Becky Malby with practical and interesting view points on demand vs needs of the population, meeting needs and perceived demands, frequent attenders, A+E and Primary care working together to find joint solutions to meeting the needs of the population and approach for PCNs. Out of the box thinking – we need more of this…

Professor Sir Michael Marmot speaking about health inequalities linked with social deprivation and poverty. Thought provoking, sad but inspiring to create a fantasy land for our local population. Things can be better than what they are, we need to invest in it.

Osteoarthritis Deep Dives Webinar (Red Whale) 21.10.19
Red Whale are releasing some free webinars and this was on a holistic approach to OA. This webinar was an absolute breath of fresh air to a GP to have more tools in their box to manage this condition.

Important to remember that chronic pain is multifactorial, it’s not all in their joint, research shows that emotions, mood, sleep, social circumstances, occupation all impact of level of pain. We need start addressing the causes of the pain and understand the triggers.

pain does not equal damage to the joint and this is something we really need to help our patient understand. Exercise and movement is crucial to the morbidity of a patient with OA so we need to keep encouraging movement and educate that pain is multifactorial it’s not always damage related.

Changing the language which we use when talking about OA, I was also guilty of using the words “wear and tear”. The clinical lead for Versus Arthritis stressed the need for clinicians to be better informed and understand that the joint can be nourished and it does not have to be a progressive condition. There is a lot that can be done with lifestyle to reduce progression and even improve the joint. There’s definitely hope and a better conversation with our patients.

VTS 16.10.19
Trainee led SDL morning on headaches.
Afternoon with our PD and primary care IT expert Osman about the future of IT being an important enabler in primary care, EPS, online medical record access, NHS App and online consultations. Keeping the future GPs current and up to date with a rapidly changing field.

VTS 02.10.19
Back to the start of the new term and a day full of learning.

Morning session with Dr Vicann During going through his experienced skills in taking a focussed history and examination for lower back pain. Let’s face it, it is bread and butter General Practice. A very practical session with excellent learner feedback. I learnt loads myself and picked tips on quick nerve stretch tests and importance of imaging, ‘to MRI or not to MRI’ – that is an important question.

Topic presentation by one of our brilliant trainees on contraception, lots of group interaction, role plays and trouble shooting missed pill rules. Very useful to have a go at having the conversation as we would with our patients and going through how we would counsel them.

Our PD Shanaz finished the day on a rather more serious note, our of discussing complaints the process, how to respond and get support, how to learn from them and going through a few cases. A few scary realities of the what the job brings but an essential bit of learning that you can’t get from a text book.

GP MSK VIDEOS 01.10.19
So my fellow TPD helpfully directed me to these videos. Short videos that take no time to go through at all to refresh MSK examination and what you are looking for when you examine.
Amazing resource. Thank you Tower Hamlets CEPN.