Useful Links

RCGP Trainee E-Portfolio

Newham Training Hub – eventbrite link to book educational sessions held at Newham University Hospital education centre

Newham training hub website – for local news and developments about local training and workforce

RCGP Quality Improvement Guide for General Practice (great resource to start with when taking on your QI project)

GP Notebook is a great website resource to have on your desktop during session and to review your learning. Quick reference to guideline based differentials, testing and management.

GP CPD is run by Red Whale, a pharma free organisation with up to date information pooling all the guidelines and evidence together for you to give you quick summary breakdowns. Subscription required (GP Trainees can request 3 month free access)

NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries Developed on behalf of NICE, Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) are concise, accessible summaries of current evidence for primary care professionals. There are over 350 topics to chose from. The topics focus on the most common and significant presentations in primary care. They give information to support health professionals with safe decision-making and improve standards of patient care. 

Fit to Fly or not Fit to Fly?
Declaring patients fit to fly can often be a concern and advice needs to be carefully considered. Click here for some case studies in GP Online.
Here are some helpful guidelines from the civil aviation authority assessing fitness to fly

Fitness to Drive – website link is updated every 6 months

Quick links

Fit for Travel – travel health advice and requirements for prevention of illness and infections

ECG Library – library of abnormal ECGs for learning

Medical calculators on – useful resource to access commonly used medical calculators (note check emis templates first)

GP Paediatric Sepsis Decision Support tool Children under 5 – Sepsis Trust and NICE

GP Paediatric Sepsis Decision Support Tool Children aged 5-11 – Sepsis Trust NICE

GP Sepsis Decision Support Tool adults, children over 12 and non-pregnant women – Sepsis Trust and NICE

NICE Antimicrobial prescribing guidance

RCGP Target support and learning around antibiotic prescribing
Antibiotic leaflets for patients

Public Health England Fungal skin and nail infections : diagnosis and lab tests


Versus Arthritis (Arthritis Research Council) resource – patient information on MSK pain by body region.

Pain Health patient information Australian Department of Health – managing and living with pain.

Newham Youth Mental Health Resources (Links for self referral and non – urgent cases only)

Kooth – online anonymous counselling for 10-16 year old children in Newham (self-referral)

Newham CAMHS workshops – offers therapeutic workshops for young people and parents/carers who live in Newham and would like advice and support to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Patients/patents/carers can book a workshop via the link.

Pop up Newham CAMHS workshop – online sessions with a clinician

Bullying UK – core family support services offered through a helpline, they also work in many different areas and offering tailored support around issues such as bullyingspecial educational needs, and support for specific communities. 

Mental Health

The Calm Zone – The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and the cause of 18 deaths every day.

Calm App – Meditation aid for patients and clinicians alike

Every Mind Matters – NHS Endorsed – initial short survey and have a plan emailed to the patient. Signposting for local support and IAPT services.

MIND – provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

Diabetes and Nutrition

Diabetes UK – helpful patient education and clinician resource

Diet Doctor – tips and plenty of free recipes to get started on that lifestyle change.

The Doctor’s Kitchen – another site for tips and advice on healthy eating, variety of free recipes created by a doctor who has improved his own health through nutrition. – helpful advice page which can be used along side your treatment plan.

Sugar Infographics – Courtesy of Dr David Unwin – useful visual aid to quantify sugar in everyday foods.

Diabetes and driving – click here for a summary on the DVLA rules on the diabetes UK website.

Active Newham Website – activities for physical fitness and wellbeing in Newham